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Mission Statement

Our lab’s mission is to develop therapies for regenerating human tissues lost due to diseases or aging, and to build tissue engineered 3D models for understanding disease progression and informing drug discovery. We invent biomaterials and engineering tools to elucidate and modulate biology, and also use biology to inform materials and engineering design. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, and is driven by unmet clinical needs or key gaps in biology. We conduct rigorous and reproducible research with translational potential, and cultivate synergistic collaborations both within and outside of our lab. We are a “people first” team, and foster a lab culture that is supportive, diverse, inclusive, friendly, fun

and creative! We are here to learn and help each other learn. We believe in the value of failures while taking high risk/high reward research, and support each other to keep going. We seek to positively impact the future of biotechnology and medicine via training future leaders in academia, industry, and government. Please visit Research and Publications pages to learn more.

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